Breathwork Research Requests

Michael Hamer : Breathwork with patients who have been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder

I am looking for information regarding the use of breathwork with patients who have been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. Any published research, or case studies, detailing how breathwork could support these patients, and possible concerns & cautions, would go a long way in easing  the concerns of the attending Psychiatrist. I would also be interested to hear any suggestions you have, or experiences you have had with bipolar disorder.
Please contact Michael Hamer:

About Michael Hamer
Michael Hamer is a Registered Massage Therapist who has been using conscious, connected breathwork with my patients since 1986, after receiving training in the U.K., and here in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. My training consisted of 2 month long trainings in the U.K., following the teaching of Sondra Ray and Lenord Orr. In Vancouver, I participated in two 6 week trainings that had also been influenced by Jim Leonard & Phil Laut, followed by a 1 year apprenticeship. Since then I have participated in some Grof Holotropic Breathwork groups, and sought out sessions from some other
I find the articles in Robert Moore's Breathe magazine, and the detailed articles in your THB to be lifesavers for professional growth, and contact, since there is a lack of breathworkers where I live right now. I am currently working my way through school, aiming for a degree in Psychology. So, it is nice to hear about Psychologists and psychotherapists using breathwork positively.

Thanks for your support Joy, and I continue to enjoy the challenges and growth THB offers me.


Ann Harrison : Breathwork and Eastern philosophy (Hindu)

I am looking for the name and location of any M.A. and Ph.D theses on transformational breathwork - rebirthing or holotropic breathwork.
I have just begun Ph.D research on Breathwork and Eastern philosophy (Hindu). My purpose is to contribute to the formal articulation of the context of modern breathwork. I recognise that this particular area is only part of the picture, however, it holds my interest at the moment.

About Ann Harrison
I trained in Australia in 1985. In 1986 went to live in China, where I remained for the next 9 years. I continued my studies of Tai Chi with Grand Masters in Shanghai and then moved to Hong Kong where I set up a retreat centre in a secluded mountain area by the sea. There, for 7 years, I worked with individual and groups, and conducted training in Bodywork and Breathwork.
On returning to Australia, I joined with colleagues in the Australian Association for Professional Rebirthers - AAPR - in creating a Breathwork training to be submitted to the Australian Government for recognition.